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High Tea @ Francis Light Heritage - Suffolk House, Penang

Today is a good weather without rain in the afternoon. Therefore, we have decided to try on the tea @ Suffolk House. A historical place where Francis Light use to stayed.

Thought need entrance fee but actually it only charge if you taking the tour. RM10 for self-guided & RM15 for guided. Tour hour from 10am - 6pm. But you would like to go for tea, then is from 2.30pm - 6pm. They serves fine dining dinner with splendid of wine variety from Australia, Chile and French.

The area was so nice and peace. Feel so comfortable sitting open air tea area, facing the garden view.

The inclusive English Tea promo are quite worth it but too bad no cheese cake and it's just some normal sponge cake only...nothing special on the cookies too. But I like those displayed on the 3 layer. All is the yummy yummy food! Tuna pie, scone and sandwiches ~~

While enjoying the tea and chit-chatting, I also never forget to pose for photo! HaHaHa!

Food Ranking (1-5): ***



a different shoot of the nice seating & view

night view of the Suffolk house :P see can find Francis Light shadow not? =P kekeke!

We leave this nice place around 8pm then off to home. ^_^ It was a nice place to gather and mingle around. The Garden was so nice and is a suitable place for Garden Wedding too! But ofcos, it will be a bit grand and pricey =P 


Ah Pheo said...

jz attended a garden ROM in Suffolk House. Not too expensive and the lunch is awesome. But it is really hot and sweaty out there. Nice view though...

high tea penang said...

Thank you for featuring our afternoon high tea.

Feel warmly welcome anytime :)

250, Jalan Air Hitam Georgetown 10460 Pulau Pinang
04-228 3930

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